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In January of 2021, we announced that Sofdesk, Solargraf and Roofgraf’s former parent company, had been acquired by Enphase Energy. Since the announcement, we’ve received many questions from our users about what this all means for the future of our solar proposal software. In this article, we’ll give you a peek behind the curtain and let you know how Solargraf will grow in the next few years to help you, our clients sell and install more solar systems.

Improvements to the Solar Design Software 

Solargraf came to existence from the hard work and knowledge of a very small, yet capable team. Joining the much larger team at Enphase Energy, we now have access to some of the greatest minds in the solar and storage industry, as well as more resources than we could have ever dreamed of as a small start-up based out of Montreal, Canada. 

All these new resources will allow us to make some large improvements to the solar proposal software. Users of the software have likely already noticed our brand new solar proposal look and functionality, as well as the addition of battery storage options on the proposal, and can expect those upgrades to continue with the rollout of our new and improved drawing tool that our team is currently working on making a reality.

A Better Experience for Solar Dealers and Installers

With the addition of financing partners, permits and stamp orders, the option to order solar proposals as a service for your sales teams, an integration with Zapier, and our new Shade Report feature, the Solargraf team has always wanted our solar software to be a one-stop-shop for anyone using the tool without ever having to look into other services to get the job done. 

In that vein, our team will continue to add and improve the service side of Solargraf. Ramping up our proposal and shade report services and adding the option for you to create your own shade report in a few clicks rather than ordering one from our team. Users will also notice an improvement to our permitting service as well! Overall, solar installers using our solar proposal software will begin to notice a much faster, smoother process for almost all of our offerings. 

Dealers who are a part of the Enphase Installer Network will also be able to access Solargraf features within some of their Enphase tools, allowing for a much more seamless experience while working on their solar projects.

International Expansion

Throughout the years, we’ve heard from many solar companies outside of North America asking if Solargraf works or will be available in other countries, either currently or in the future. While Solargraf works anywhere in the world as long as there is satellite or aerial imagery available, users are limited in terms of certain features/partners that are not offered in those areas.  

Now that we have Enphase Energy on our side, international solar companies looking to use Solargraf’s software platform and solar CRM for their solar business might not have to wait much longer, as our team is working out the logistics of expanding our offerings globally with the help of Enphase and their international offices. If you’re reading this article from outside of North America, make sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop!

What Won’t Happen

We’ve heard some concerns about this acquisition from solar installers who might not use Enphase Energy products worried that we will begin to push Enphase through Solargraf. 

As Solargraf founder, Lennie Moreno mentioned in a recent webinar, “Our goal is not to just say that Solargraf can only be used with Enphase products. Solargraf is agnostic, you can use any material you would like.”. This will remain the case. Our teams want to band together to create a full end-to-end experience for the homeowner and dealer, from lead to after the sale is closed and the system is installed. 

In that same webinar, Enphase Energy Co-Founder and Chief Products Officer Raghu Belur echoed the same statement: “In combination with the Solargraf/Roofgraf team, permits with DIN, and Enphase, we will provide so much value to our partners, starting with managing your leads all the way through to operations. Bringing it all together, this is all about delivering an incredible energy management system to the home where you can manage multiple systems all done in the AC domain, from solar, storage, generation, EV, etc., all done as a plug-and-play system managed in real-time.”.

In Closing

While we can’t yet divulge too much about what is going on behind the scenes at Solargraf in terms of new features and functionality quite yet, we hope that this sneak peek will give you an idea of what’s coming for solar installers using our solar proposal software in the future. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how Solargraf and its long list of benefits can help you grow your solar business and automate your sales process, book your free demo today to chat with one of our reps!    

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