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At Solargraf, we strive to provide our users with the best all-in-one solar proposal software on the market. Not only through our easy-to-use solar design tool, but also with additional features such as in-app permit orders and financing options, giving solar installers the tools to make their day-to-day easier, and their work more streamlined and efficient. 

Today, we’re proud to announce a new addition to our long list of features with the release of our solar Proposal Service option, now available to all companies using our solar design software. Here’s all you need to know about this new feature and how using it will benefit your solar business. 

What is Solargraf’s Proposal Service?

Using our proposal service, solar companies using Solargraf’s software platform are now able to order a full design and solar proposal from our in-house design team and receive it within one business day or less. 

Ordering a proposal for your solar system is easy enough to be completed in three short steps:

  1. Click the “+” sign on the top-right of your Solargraf dashboard and confirm the project’s address.
  2. Confirm your solar panel and inverter of choice and add up to three utility bill offsets.
  3. Confirm your order.

Our team will then design your PV system and notify you when your drawing and proposal for your solar project is complete!

The Benefits of Ordering Solar Proposals from our Team

Instead of outsourcing your solar designs to another company outside the Solargraf solar CRM ecosystem, you can now enjoy having all your projects centralized in full view in one single app. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy through using our solar proposal service. 

Don’t have a Solargraf account yet? Now there’s an easier way to get a proposal completed with less effort than drawing it yourself! Here’s how:

1) Anyone on your team can use Solargraf without training

While the Solargraf team offers best-in-class training and support for all users of the software, sometimes companies want to give their newer salespeople the opportunity to get out there and start making some solar sales before a training session. 

It’s now possible for anyone with access to the software to quickly and easily make an order for a system design, wherever they are, with whatever knowledge of PV systems and solar design tools they may be starting out with. 

You now have the ability to hire solar salespeople based on sales know-how, without having to worry about getting them fully trained on the ins and outs of the solar design tool before sending them out on the road to close some deals. Instead of keeping an in-house design team to handle putting together system quote requests from your sales department, you can outsource the work to our team and save some money!

Don’t want to allow users with certain roles to be able to order any solar proposals? No problem! Access to this feature can be restricted from your account’s Roles & Permissions settings.

2) Get a full quote and proposal prepared while you’re out on the road or on-site

Need to keep your eyes on the road or are you in the middle of installing a solar system? Get a quote out to an interested homeowner without ever opening the solar design tool or contacting your project designer back at the office. 

Don’t stop what you’re doing every time you receive a call or email from a potential client requesting a quote. Instead, simply enter some basic information into your solar proposal order and let us handle the rest. You can keep your mind on the job at hand rather than watch the quote requests pile up for when you have a spare moment to sit down batch-create proposals for your hot solar leads.

3) Make sure complicated proposals don’t take up too much of your time

Have a tricky project but no time to sit down and work out details in our solar proposal software? Let our team take care of it for you! The Solargraf team is well-versed in all things solar and is ready to help out with any difficult or time-consuming projects so that you can save yourself some time and headaches. Just let us know what you need and we’ll be happy to make your vision a reality. 

Any additional notes or comments about your project can be left in a text box before you place your order, ensuring that you can provide our team with any important information about the request to guarantee that nothing falls through the cracks. 

In Closing

With the addition of this new feature, we at the Solargraf team want to make sure that your solar business has all that it needs to thrive in this ever-changing industry, regardless of how many people you have on staff, their skill level or know-how, or the amount of time you have to spend using a solar design tool on a day-to-day basis. Let us handle the busy work so you can get back out there and do what really matters, selling solar. 

Book your free demo today to learn more about this proposal service as well as discover all the features that make Solargraf the number one solar proposal software on the market for busy solar professionals looking to grow their business. 

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