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Get install ready permit
plan sets


Obtain permit-ready plan sets for grid-tied and off-grid residential systems,
complete with engineering stamps from our team of over 200 experts.

Scale confidently​​

Reduce operating expenses and scale confidently through the power of automation

The power of automation

From easy site data inputs to permit plan set generation, it’s all automated for consistent quality


Integration with AHJ database ensures accurate fire setback placements on the roof and auto-fetch NEC code for line diagram generation, electrical calculations, and placard placements.


Automated electrical validations, single line and three-line diagrams, accurate wire and conduit sizing, de-rate calculations, voltage rise calculations, and disconnect provisions.


Integration with Report ALL USA to auto-place property lines around roof design, ASCE7 hazard tool to auto-fetch wind speed and snow load, ASHRAE to auto-fetch Max and Min ambient temperature required to validate line diagram

Scale your business

Let Solargraf do the work


Experienced team of over 200 designers delivering 2,000+ completed permit plan sets a week with a 24-48 hour turnaround time.


Enter new markets and verticals effortlessly with 14,000+ AHJs and 150+ utility provider coverage across 50 states


Solargraf supports various proposal tools so you can import any DXFs or DWG files to generate permit plan sets.


Flexible operational capacity with no minimums

Reduced error rates and pinpoint accuracy

Leave the approval process in our capable hands


Every plan set receives a 40-point quality review to maintain accuracy and reduce AHJ rejection allowing you to meet planned timelines for installation and improve customer satisfaction.


Up to date database with the latest AHJs and utility providers results in a high acceptance rate by AHJs across 50 states


Create an AI powered permit plan
set through internal automation

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Premier permit services​​

Trusted by over 650 installers, delivering more than 300,000 permit plan sets, elevate the precision and quality of your post-sales process.

Residential and commercial plan

Residential and commercial plan sets for PV, PV and battery, battery only (backup, grid-tied), and add-on systems (PV, battery).

Engineering review

Engineering review and stamps to ensure compliance with code requirements along with verification of structural and electrical calculations.

As-Built Drawings

As-Built Drawings – Access historical data to review final installed system and design changes made during installation.

EV Charging plan

EV Charging plan sets for seamless installations, including plan sets for design and permitting approvals.

But don’t just take our word for it

Over 7,000 world-class installers are boosting their sales with Solargraf

Outstanding performance in quality, ease of doing business, and customer care.

Solargraf has proven to be an exceptional design services company. Their commitment to quality, quick turnaround times, and customer-centric approach have directly contributed to faster installation timelines and happier customers for our business.

Solargraf’s ability to reduce design costs, maintain meticulous attention to detail, and minimize rejections from AHJs and utilities has exceeded our expectations. They also consistently deliver projects within a 24-hour timeframe.

I extend my sincere appreciation to the Solargraf team for their outstanding efforts.

Your team has consistently provided a high level of support, expertise and friendly service over the years.

Ben Ogden
Manager, Design and Engineering LGCY Power

Josh Meade
P.E., NABCEP® PVIP, Director of Design & Engineering | Freedom Solar

Alan Agena
RevoluSun HI

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Obtain accurate and precise solar and storage permit plan sets with Solargraf’s streamlined Permit Services. Internal automation ensures quality, consistency, scalability, and rapid turnaround times in permit plan sets. Book a demo today to see why thousands of installers are using Solargraf Permit Services.

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Frequently asked questions

Over 7,000 world-class installers are boosting their sales with Solargraf

How long after the permit has been submitted to the city before it gets approved?

The time frame for approval varies with the AHJ. Each AHJ has their defined time frame within which the Permit application should be approved.

Are revisions supported?

Revisions are of different categories – i) plan sets that need to be revised based on AHJ kickbacks due to AHJ changes, ii) Changes due to equipment being changed (modules for example), and iii) updating to reflect an As-Built design.

We support all the above revision categories. Revisions because of AHJ kickbacks are handled at no additional cost. Please note that there might be different commercial terms and handling times associated with the different categories.

Are Professional Engineering reviews and wet stamps supported?

Yes. We work with PE partners for reviews and stamping as may be required. Stamping will be taken up post confirmation by the installer.

How can I check the status of my permit designs?

All permit design status can be tracked on the portal on which the job request was submitted. The portal also allows for submission of revisions, and conversations with the designer for any clarifications.

Do you provide structural engineering?

Yes. Our PE partners support both structural and electrical stamping.

What is your typical turnaround time on submitting?

Typical turnaround times are between 24 hours to 48 hours for the permit plan set to be designed.

How do you handle different jurisdictions?

We work across all AHJs in the US. We have an extensive AHJ database that we leverage for our permit designs.

Would you need to do site visits?

No. We do not require site visits since we can work with photos of the site to create the design.

What is included in a Permit Drawing?

  • Cover sheet that includes the site plan, system summary, governing codes, general notes, safety plan notes, sheet index, vicinity map, house photo, legend.
  • Roof plan with the module layouts, bill of materials (BOM), area & weight calculations, roof description table, design criteria.
  • Elevation view (if required).
  • Structural details – rack and attachment information
  • Electrical details, single line diagram (SLD), 3-line diagram (if required), system summary and electrical calculations.
  • Safety placards & templates.
  • Specification sheets (as relevant) – modules, inverter, mounting, compliance letters.

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