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With governments finally taking action on the climate crisis, and material and manufacturing costs dropping every year, the competition level in the solar industry has been growing to record heights in recent years. That means that your solar company is likely not the only one on the block anymore – if it ever was. 

When it comes to growing your solar business and closing sales in a tremendous market such as the solar industry, your sales pitch needs to be polished, concise, and most importantly, effective if you want to stay ahead of the curve. In this article, we’ll be breaking down all the key elements your solar sales pitch needs to include to ensure you close the deal and send your competitors packing. 

Urgency is Key

While any sales pitch relies on creating some form of urgency to move the sale forward, the solar industry is in a unique position where the urgency is very real and easy to capitalize on. Solar incentives come and go constantly, the ITC step-down has been pushed back, changed and extended multiple times, and net-metering rates are often a point of contention in many states. 

If you’re operating in a state where net-metering rates are good right now, that should be your main selling point, considering that no one can guarantee that they will remain at their current rate forever. 

Letting the homeowner know that the value of solar might change at a moment’s notice and that they would likely benefit from getting grandfathered into a better price will build trust with your potential customer and show them that you care about getting them set up with solar panels at the time where it could most benefit them financially. 

Urgency can also be created based on the time of year and the needs of the client. Are they planning on investing in more appliances or an electric vehicle? Are they worried about their electric bill spiking over the summer or winter? Do they want solar storage options to protect them from the blackouts we’re seeing more and more frequently? Get to know the potential customer’s needs and build your sales pitch around how solar energy will help fulfill them. 

Don’t sell solar panels, sell a lower utility bill and peace of mind

A solar sales rep can talk all day about the benefits of solar panels and solar modules, but what they really should be selling is the benefits of solar power as a concept, rather than a physical addition to a home. 

Let’s face it, solar panels aren’t cheap, which means that the decision to invest in renewable energy isn’t something a homeowner can make in a day. You’ll want your sales pitch to help guide them in their decision to invest by explaining all the ways that they will actually benefit financially from lowering their dependence on fossil fuels and making the switch to clean energy. 

You should have a solar sales pitch ready for a few different client personas. Feel around for what the potential customer is looking to get out of their solar system. Is it for financial reasons? Are they more of an environmentalist? Are they looking for a solar plus storage solution? Make it clear to them that going solar, while a large investment, will ultimately save them money over time while also helping them do their part to make sure clean energy initiatives and goals succeed.

Answer the top questions the homeowner has before they ask

Be well-versed in your potential customer’s pain points, and learn from previous experiences with clients to build a solar sales pitch that is informative and flexible depending on the direction your conversation takes. 

Homeowners will need answers to questions like “why should I go solar now rather than later?”, “how will solar benefit me and my wallet?”, and most importantly, “why should I purchase my system from your solar company over someone else?”. Cover their unique needs right at the top of the conversation and then lead into the specifics once they get an idea of the big picture.

In Closing

When it comes to building a winning solar sales pitch for your solar company, you need to make sure to have all your bases covered in the initial conversation rather than waiting for the questions to come through and potentially leave you on the spot. Create urgency, sell the benefits of solar installation from a holistic perspective, and always have answers ready for any questions or concerns ahead of time.  

Once you get your foot in the door, make sure you have a beautiful proposal ready for the homeowner to look over and e-sign. With Solargraf, you can generate a full quote with Good, Better, Best options in minutes, model shading, offer financing, and order your permits in a single tool. Book your demo today to learn more about how Solargraf, in combination with a winning solar sales pitch can help you grow your solar company quickly and with less friction. 

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