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With growth and boosted sales can come a great problem: you’re consistently busy and in need of new, innovative ways of saving time. 

While big changes in process can yield powerful results over time, there are also small ways to leverage your existing tools in order to boost efficiency and help you focus on what matters most: installing solar panels.

To kick you off, here are three simple things we spoke about in our last webinar that you can do to save yourself significant amounts of time — and therefore — money.

While we’ve adapted these best practices to the solar industry, their lessons would likely serve any growing business as they navigate the change in scale. I’d love know if you think they apply to your industry.

One: Manage User Rights

There’s little more frustrating than spending precious time designing and fine-tuning a solar project, only to later find it completely and unrecognizably edited by a well-meaning colleague. Beyond wasting your time, this can cause delays in your communication with a homeowner and put sales at risk if leads are still on the fence about signing on the dotted line.

Here’s how you can fix that.

With Solargraf, you can oversee and control different rights and permissions for each member of your team. That means restricting admin access to those who need it and providing valuable, customized access for every other member of the team.

Two: Assign Team Members to Each Project

You’re spending a few precious hours a day updating all of your teams, clients and contractors on a project’s progress and milestones? Careful, it’s easy for essential updates to fall between the cracks.

Good news: we have a hack for that too.

When creating a new project, add all of the relevant key members to your project and define which kind of notification they should receive. Once that’s done, all parties will be able to consult a centralized, updated project timeline on their Solargraf dashboards and receive automatically triggered notifications once key steps of a project are complete.

Three: Create Quick, Limited-Time Promos

A great way to catch up on slow sales or boost a dry period is to create special promotions or incentives, but implementing them can be complicated and finicky. Annoyed at calculating a $1000 same-day purchase discount alongside that 2-year interest break?

You’ve guessed it: Solargraf can help with that.

Just as Solargraf allows you to create custom quote items like materials or equipment rental costs, it also allows you to create custom promotional items that can easily be added to a quote in real time. Think your lead needs just a bit more incentive to take the leap? Why not hop on the phone with them, throw in an additional $200 discount and invite them to refresh their digital quote to see the updated, discounted price.

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