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As a European hub for solar energy innovation, the Netherlands leads in renewable energy with ambitious solar adoption goals. The Dutch government actively promotes solar energy through various incentives and subsidies.

Solargraf is expanding its reach to accommodate the increasing number of people opting for solar energy to power their homes and vehicles. We’re now live in the Netherlands, offering our solar design and proposal tool to local installers. Our goal is to assist Dutch solar professionals in optimizing their project designs and enhancing workflow efficiency.

All-in-one solar design and proposal tool

Solargraf, a cloud-based software solution, simplifies solar projects with 3D renderings, automatic panel placements, detailed shading analysis, and accurate proposals. Its intuitive interface guides installers of all levels, enhancing project workflows.

Here’s why Solargraf stands out:

Advanced 3D design: Elevate your solar designs with 3D modelling and bring your designs to life. Effortlessly detect roof outlines, obstructions and trees with smart automation.

Detailed shading analysis: Solargraf’s shading engine assesses shading for every pixel of the roof facet for every hour of the year accurately with just one click.

Navigate the complexity of Dynamic Tariffs easily: Solargraf’s AI tool can unlock the financial benefits by leveraging dynamic tariffs. Solargraf models the system to store energy during low price periods and export power during high price periods to improve returns on investment.

Support penalties: Solargraf supports penalties imposed by utilities for exporting power to the grid. By accounting for penalties, Solargraf calculates financial analysis accurately.

Battery design: Solargraf’s simplified battery solution recommends the right sized storage to match energy goals and optimizes the overall economy of the project.

Built-in bill of materials (BOM) calculator: An integrated calculator that empowers installers who manage job costs and margins based on actual bills of materials in addition to per-watt pricing models.

E-signature support via DocuSign™: The Solargraf platform supports DocuSign’s industry-leading document management and e-signature completion, including customizable form fields and legal disclaimers.

Customized proposals: Create tailored proposals with customizable fonts, colors, logos, languages and stunning templates.

Solargraf offers a range of customization features to meet the unique needs of each customer. With just a few clicks, Solargraf generates accurate proposals, saving valuable time for installers to focus on other aspects of their business and deliver greater value to clients

Benefits for solar installers

Increased Efficiency: Solargraf automates many of the time-consuming tasks associated with solar project designs, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Enhanced accuracy: With precise 3D modelling, verified shading and production analysis and integrated regulatory compliance, you can be confident that your designs are accurate and meet necessary standards.

Competitive advantage: By leveraging our dynamic tariff and add penalty feature, you can differentiate your services in the competitive solar market. Offer your clients superior proposals with better ROI to win more projects.

Join the solar revolution

We invite all solar professionals in the Netherlands to experience the benefits of Solargraf, the ultimate solar design and proposal platform. Embrace the future of solar project designs with our innovative solutions and take your business to new heights.

We are offering a free trial to all our new customers!

Sign up for a free trial

To learn more and start using our platform, visit our website or email us at [email protected]. Together, let’s drive the solar revolution forward in the Netherlands.