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Elevate your solar designs with 3D modeling


Discover the ultimate solution with our user-centric, robust, and fully integrated 3D tool for your solar projects

Unrivaled precision and speed

High resolution imagery

Utilize our HD aerial imagery from Nearmap, Google maps or Bing maps or upload and scale any image, including drone images and blueprints using Solargraf.

Dual-screen visuals

Experience side-by-side site views using aerial photography. Components are accurately sized and optimized for peak performance in the field.

Precise panel placement

Our new AI solution auto-detects the roof line along with pitch and height, trees and obstructions, while accurate shading tools estimate production numbers in real-time. Adjust, reposition, and tilt panels for maximum efficiency to refine your estimates.

Effortless shading analysis

With just one click, obtain values that seamlessly integrate into proposal calculations. Opt for comprehensive shade reports for a comprehensive view of the roof’s sun exposure.

Solar and storage designs with speed and accuracy

Craft production accurate 3D designs for solar and storage systems with confidence

Smart panel placement

Use the Auto Fill feature to guide panel placement. Set parameters like minimum SAV percentage, panel offset, or spacing settings to ensure panels are optimally situated.

User-friendly control

Overlay a grid of panels across designated roof areas. Solargraf’s AI detects obstructions and highlights concerns for easy identification.

Perfect fit, every time

Along with vertical and horizontal panel placement, Max-fit detects optimal layouts for maximizing panels on the entire rooftop.

Seamless transition from solar to storage

Create full-system solutions for your customers.

Tailored energy solutions

Enhance your designs with battery storage components. Solargraf supports Enphase IQ Batteries, Tesla Powerwall, and eight other leading manufacturers, meeting growing customer demand for storage solutions.

Simplified battery design

Define kWh storage capacity within our dedicated storage tab.

Versatile backup options

Extend backup to appliances like pool pumps, vacuum cleaners, well pumps, air conditioners, and more. Solargraf recommends size and required materials based on homeowner energy goals.

Simplify your solar sales approach

Master NEM 3.0

Catering to California-based clients, Solargraf is primed to assist in designing and optimizing systems for the new NEM 3.0 landscape. Solargraf handles NEM 3.0 specifications and ensures optimal component configuration for maximum net metering value.

Propose and close from anywhere

Send quotes and agreements directly from Solargraf, define terms, and e-sign proposals. Now featuring support for legally binding DocuSign agreements within the Solargraf workflow (DocuSign account required).

Personalized proposals, endless options

Create tailored proposals with customizable colors, fonts, logo and language. Present multiple pricing and product options with the flexibility to request proposals from our design team.

Unlimited projects

Create numerous projects under a single account. Focus on business growth without constraints.

Comprehensive solutions for closing the deal

Accelerated permit plan sets

Save time and money by accessing compliant permits and stamps at competitive rates.

Simplified Financing

Model complex solar financing directly into your quotes. Support for tiered loans.

Shade Report
Virtual site assessment

Gather all necessary images, measurements, and information for permit applications without leaving the office.

See how to work smarter with Solargraf

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