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Effortless Commercial Solar Design

Automate your designs and proposals with our intuitive tool.

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Choose innovation. Choose efficiency. ​​​​

Innovative and cost-effective solutions for businesses,
industries, and institutions.

Flexible array placement

Easily position arrays on flat roofs or ground mounts. Adjust row spacing and tilt for optimal production. Stack panels vertically for ground-mounted systems.

Verified shading analysis

Assess shading (TOF, SAV, and TSRF) pixel by pixel, hour by hour. NYSERDA and NREL verification contribute to the overall reliability of the results.

Obstruction-free design

Our automatic obstruction detection uses LIDAR data to avoid placing panels in obstructed areas.

Smart 3D modeling

Our advanced 3D modeling enables precise panel placement, bringing solar projects to life.


Solargraf suggests Balance of System (BOS) components and quantities based on the solar design. Installers can download the Bill of Materials (BOM) from the platform for all C&I projects.

Comprehensive financial insights that drive ROI ​​​​

Efficient analysis streamlined financing. 

Financial suitability

Solargraf provides a built-in questionnaire to assess the financing suitability for C&I projects. Based on the selections, Solargraf will recommend the appropriate financing option between cash, loan, lease or PPA for the project.

Easy financing

Solargraf partners exclusively with BMO bank to offer seamless commercial financing.

Tax benefits made simple

Automatic calculation of tax benefits using the MACRS depreciation method. Set manual O&M costs for accurate ROI estimates.

Detailed annual cashflow analysis

Receive a comprehensive year-by-year overview of cumulative cashflow throughout your project’s life.

Commercial solar permit plan sets made simple

Streamline your permitting processes effortlessly

Generate single line diagrams

Generate electrical and structural drawings, and single-line and three-line diagrams with ease. Detailed wiring and electrical calculations are included.

High accuracy for AHJ acceptance

Our up-to-date database includes the latest information from AHJs and utility providers. Solargraf maintains an impressive 97% acceptance rate by AHJs across all 50 states.

Permit design for any system

Obtain high-quality commercial plan sets for microinverters, optimizers, and string inverters.

Maximize productivity with our value add services

Let Solargraf take care of the details.

Our team of experienced professionals are at your disposal, allowing you to
focus on what you do best – installing solar systems and growing your business.

Commercial proposal services

Receive comprehensive support for designing and proposing commercial solar projects. Elevate your proposals with Solargraf’s expertise.

Commercial permit services 

Obtain install-ready permit plan sets with Solargraf’s permit services. Our precision and expertise ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Make your solar business efficient

Streamlining operations for maximum productivity

One platform for all solutions

Create both commercial and residential solar designs effortlessly using a single platform.

Efficient workflow with API integration

Seamlessly integrate with Solargraf using public APIs.

Customer-centric approach

Our dedicated project managers and customer success team deliver high customer satisfaction.

24×7 Support

Access round-the-clock support for commercial solar design and permitting services.

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Empower your commercial and industrial enterprises with Solargraf’s solutions tailored to your unique needs. Our C&I designs blend innovation with sustainability to drive efficiency and cost savings for your business. Book a demo today to discover how our innovative approach can unlock the full potential of your solar business.

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