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If the creation of new jobs is an indicator of how hot a particular sector of the economy is, then the solar industry is on fire. According to data released by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), solar panel installer is one of the fastest growing jobs in the United States. “The demand for qualified installers,” the BLS notes, “is expected to grow by 105% through 2026 and is currently the top growing job in eight states, including California, Hawaii, New Mexico, Florida, North Carolina, Missouri, Minnesota, and New Jersey.“

Solar is growing amongst consumers and they need more solar installers!

In fact, solar is one of the premier job-creating industries in the United States, Dan Whitten, VP communications for the Solar Energy Industries Association, told Whitten insists that the inflow of capital in recent years has enabled many companies to continue to prosper in the solar industry.

Software to streamline and grow business

Such sustained growth has resulted in a highly competitive, fragmented market where solar installation contractors compete with one another to capitalize on the growing desire of consumers for clean, affordable energy. As a consequence, Green Tech Media notes how solar panel companies are increasingly attempting to solidify their stake in solar panels by adopting new technologies to get an edge on the competition. That’s why many small and medium-size companies are turning to intuitive software like Solargraf to improve the solar quoting and project management process and increase their share of this bullish market.

With its user-friendly functions, Solargraf performs seamlessly on any mobile device. It allows contractors to create a complete proposal – including a  design using HD satellite imagery – in a few minutes. Solargraf helps to streamline communication between all team members. Within one account, contractors can add an unlimited number of users to establish effective communication in managing project stages to completion.

Accurate measurements in seconds

This unique software empowers users of all skill levels to  draw and map solar designs within minutes when provided a customer’s address. It integrates the best HD imagery through partnerships with Nearmap and Eagleview to generate the layout, azimuth of the proposed panels, and measurements of a homeowner’s roof.

Solargraf can save contractors time and money allowing them to create compelling proposals to view, edit and update quotes in real time.

In addition to accurate, fast quotes, Solargraf offers multiple financing options and the flexibility to customize tiered loans making it an indispensable tool when helping clients finance their solar projects. Another key feature is Solargraf’s permitting service which helps contractors quickly obtain building permits and engineering stamps, removing the burden, time, and costs associated with applying  for licenses on a case by case basis.


As the solar panel market continues to grow and create jobs in its wake, this easy-to-use software can be mastered by merely watching a few tutorial videos, and attending team training sessions provided by experienced Solargraf staff members, which significantly reduces the time required for new employees seeking jobs within the industry, providing employers enormous savings.

Solargraf was built by installers, for installers. It is the only software that offers small and medium-sized solar panel installation companies everything that they need to compete with more massive conglomerates. It was designed to streamline  the solar installation process and decrease soft costs, from sending the initial quote to delivering the finished product, guaranteeing that installers can maximize their profits in this growing market, for years to come.

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