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In closing another solar sale, you’ve helped another homeowner take a step toward lower energy bills and a more sustainable future. To quickly mobilize your installation crew onto the roof, you need to have accurate electrical diagrams. Traditionally, teams rely on engineers who combine CAD templates with Excel spreadsheets for wire sizing, OCPD calculations, and voltage drop analysis. Creating electrical diagrams, especially with the frequent influx of new or updated equipment to the market can be time-consuming and complex. Solargraf’s new electrical design feature simplifies the process. String up your system and automatically generate permit-ready Single-Line, Three-Line, and Detailed Calculations pages.

Export your complete design containing the single-line diagram, three-line diagram, and electrical calculations in a DWG format; it’s now ready for any last-minute adjustments. Let Solargraf handle the heavy lifting so you can focus on what matters most: closing deals and keeping your installation crew on track.

SLD and TLD:

Our SLDs and TLDs include all the electrical calculations that an electrical PE, AHJ, or utility may require for review. When you download the files, all the blocks are dynamic in CAD, allowing you to adjust any component easily. And yes, we support battery storage systems, too!

Detailed calculations:

Our detailed calculations page covers everything you need for a smooth permitting process, from overcurrent protection and back-feed calculations to conductor sets, temperature and conduit fill deratings, wire sizing, conductor metal considerations (copper and aluminum), voltage drop, and conduit sizing. We even factor in extreme weather scenarios with our module output calculations.

All Solargraf subscriptions come with SLD capabilities for the “account owner” who can provide access to this feature for added users on the platform. If you need further help, refer to these knowledge-based articles on electrical design tools, generating an SLD, or reach out to your partner success manager by visiting the Support page on your account and view the contact information of your PSM at the bottom of the page. You may also view our EDT FAQ.

What’s next? What about plan sets?

Our ambition at Solargraf is no secret: to empower you with a single platform for all your solar design and management needs. We aspire to be the “operating system” of solar, streamlining your workflow and maximizing efficiency. Stay tuned for the next exciting step – automated permit plan sets, coming later in 2024!

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