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Home » All » Exciting developments: New features and updates to the Solargraf platform in Q1’24

We are excited to announce that our Solargraf platform has been significantly updated and improved. Now, it boasts game-changing features that will revolutionize your solar project workflows. Our commitment to innovation and excellence drives us to continuously improve our platform, ensuring you have access to the best features to streamline your processes, enhance your proposals, optimize your solar designs, and drive greater success for your projects.

Here is a detailed look at what is new:

Design updates:

Auto roofline and obstruction detection: Our new AI solution auto-detects the roof line along with pitch and height, trees and obstructions, leaving very minimal manual work for roof tracing and shading analysis by installers.

View facet area in roof design: Users can now view each facet’s area of the roof in square footage directly within the “Roof Design” tab, even without a 3D model.

Smart Designer: The new Smart Designer feature automates the solar design process by providing optimized panel placement and battery recommendation tailored for consumption or bill offset and maximum fit targets.

Improved panel placement: Users no longer need to select a facet for panel placement; they can seamlessly move the modules from one roof facet to the other.

10+ new battery manufacturers added: We have expanded our database to include ten new battery manufacturers, offering more choices to compare energy storage solutions and customize them according to the need.

API update: Solargraf’s latest API update includes deleting projects, retrieving proposal updates, and listing financial options. Users can now create duplicate designs of existing projects through an API call.

Financial modeling updates

Financing support for C&I projects: Manage commercial and residential projects from a single platform. Solargraf partners exclusively with the Bank of Montreal (BMO) to offer seamless commercial financing. Users can now upload the financing application to speed up the approval process.

LightReach integration for third party ownership: Solargraf is now integrated with LightReach to offer seamless and flexible such as leases and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs). Users can now specify the buyout amount in dollars or as a percentage of the project cost for lease.

Grid services incentive modeling: Users will now be able to model Virtual Power Plant (VPP) benefits for five incentives including PG&E, ERPL, ConnectedSolutions BDRP (RI and Massachusetts), SGD&E DGCS, and CT-ESS.

Medical baseline and low-income support: Solargraf’s new feature supports modeling import and export rates for low-income customers (FERA/CARE/Medical baseline) in California NEM 3.0 tariffs.

Permit design updates

Electrical design tool and SLD: With Solargraf, designers now place electrical components in the design, string them together, and craft SLDs to test the viability of electrical designs. Solargraf’s electrical design tool has built-in validations to create permit-ready SLDs with a few clicks.


Multi pricing table: Solargraf has added the capability of creating default pricing tables for different states, eliminating the need to set the solar price for each project manually.

Secure payment with Stripe integration: Solargraf is now integrated with the Stripe payment system, ensuring enhanced security. Additionally, EU payments will be processed in Euros.

Multi-language support: We are expanding our reach with multi-lingual support, making our tool more accessible to users worldwide. Solargraf now supports English, German, Portuguese, French and Dutch languages.

Appliances support for GBD or CSV: Users can now add appliances (current or future) when using upload usage functionality with Green Button (GBD) or CSV data.

Download project data in CSV format: Users can now download proposal data in CSV format for energy usage, savings and monthly breakdown sections.

Benefits of having the new features and updates

Efficiency and accuracy: Solargraf has designed new features and enhancements to streamline workflows, reduce manual efforts, and improve design accuracy. From auto-detecting rooflines to advanced electrical design capabilities, we make your projects easier and more efficient.

Flexibility: Adding new battery manufacturers and improving panel placement options gives more choices and flexibility in designing optimal solar solutions for clients.

Affordability: By integrating financing options for C&I and third-party ownership solutions with LightReach, Solargraf provides a comprehensive platform that covers all aspects of solar project development makeing it affordable for homeowners. This comprehensive approach ensures you can manage your projects’ technical and financial elements seamlessly.

Optimized designs: By adding the Smart Designer feature, Solargraf optimizes solar designs with automatic panel placement based on consumption or bill offset targets and ensures designs are optimized.

Improved economics: Our grid services incentive feature further enhances the value you can offer, helping clients maximize their return on investment.

Reachability: With multi-language support, we are making our tool accessible to a global audience, allowing solar professionals from different regions to benefit from our advanced features and capabilities.


The Solargraf platform has undergone significant upgrades, introduced a host of new features and enhanced existing ones to better meet the needs of solar professionals. Solargraf designed these enhancements to empower you with the tools to deliver comprehensive, precise, and compelling solar solutions. We are excited about the positive impact these new features and updates will have on your solar projects. Explore these new features today and take your solar business to new heights!

Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements as we innovate and improve our solar design tool to better serve your needs.

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