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A successful salesperson doesn’t slack off. At every stage of the sales process, they are engaged and mindful.

In our previous post, we focused on how software can help improve your solar sales. Today we will be looking at six sales fundamentals that the best sellers embrace.

Sometimes making a sale is an effortless undertaking. For whatever reason, all the elements fall into place and you feel like you can do no wrong. Consider this humorous sales story featured in that George Gallegos, the CEO of Jitterbug shared. He described an intense sales conference call when neither side was willing to back down from the numbers that were being bandied about.

At a crucial point in the conversation, the clients Gallegos was conversing with forgot to hit the mute button on their conference line when they wanted a private moment to discuss their options. The Jitterbug CEO said that his team overheard the group on the other end of the line raving on and on about how much they liked the product, and Gallegos knew they were completely sold. Knowing this provided Gallegos leverage to close the deal on his terms. (The moral of the story, as the CEO noted, is “Always check that mute button; it could save you some money.”)

Clearly, not every negotiation is going to be this easy… So what is the lesson to be learned when the opposite unfolds and, for whatever reason, you find yourself sabotaging yourself, and undermining your bargaining position with a client?

Although you may be angry with yourself for mishandling a potential sale, the fact that you recognize your shortcoming is a promising attribute that will make you a better seller in the long run. That’s why the most successful salespeople don’t beat themselves up when they fail to make a sale and focus, instead, on these six sales fundamentals.

1. Be captivating

In an article written for Hubspot, renowned sales executive, Jeff Hoffman, notes that a cold call generally lasts no more than 30 to 40 seconds. So captivating a prospect’s attention, he insists, requires more than charisma and an eloquent sales pitch. Hoffman writes that “Curiosity trumps credibility when it comes to sales calls.” That means being able to listen and ask the right questions. This will help to establish a rapport that ensures the call lasts longer and makes a client feel more receptive to what you’re offering.

Example questions when you’re selling solar installations

Are you aware that solar panels can significantly reduce your monthly utility bill while simultaneously increasing the value of your home?

Did you know that there are government initiatives that can help cover the costs of installing solar?

I would be grateful if you could describe your concerns regarding what might be holding you back from installing solar panels?

2. Remain disciplined

A successful salesperson doesn’t slack off. At every stage of the sales process, they are engaged and mindful. They are enthusiastic and adhere to the guiding principles of the sales script. Their follow-up meetings are always arranged in a timely fashion, and when they give their word regarding the completion of a task, clients can count on them to follow through.

Self-discipline in sales begins with how you take advantage of your downtime. If you use the opportunity to improve your overall sales technique by signing up for seminars, seeking the advice of experts, and reading up on selling you’ll be investing time into rounding out your professional skills.

3. Feed your motivation

The best salespeople are enthusiastic about success. But believing in the product you’re selling is only half the battle. You can motivate yourself even more by scheduling rewards for yourself when you reach one of your sales goals. Whether it’s a dinner at an upscale restaurant, concert tickets, or a round of golf, if you reward yourself for reaching your goals the accomplishment will be even more satisfying.

4. Schedule wisely

Putting off the unpleasant parts of your job will only result in anxiety and chaos. If there’s a task waiting for you that stresses you out, accomplish it at the beginning of your work day. It will put your mind at ease by getting it out of the way. Once you’ve wrapped it up, the rest of your workday will be easier and more productive.

In an interview with Forbes, Michael Kerr, an international business speaker and author of six books including Putting Humor to Work, says that many people feel that their brains function best in the morning, and that the early part of the day is when they are most creative and productive. Kerr says: “Consider whether you are making the best use of your brainpower and plan ‘high brain’ activities in the morning.”

5. Remain positive

Let’s face it, as a salesperson rejection is part of the job. People are going to say no, hang up the phone, and slam the door on you all the time. But developing a thick skin and using rejection as a motivation tool can really improve your sales potential.

In an article for Sales Force Search, Rhys Metler notes that one way to overcome rejection is by maintaining your momentum thanks to a strict routine, such as making calls every day from 10 am to 12 pm. “No matter how much you dread the calls, you still have to make them.”

6. Use your emotional Intelligence

Salespeople who have strong emotional intelligence have highly developed skills to zero in on and manage both their own emotions and the emotional responses of others. They understand how to recognize what customers feel, and how they are likely to react. As a consequence they are able to communicate effectively and with empathy. These qualities help to build the type of trust that is necessary for high-performance sales.

In closing

When it comes to sales fundamentals and improving your selling potential, it is crucial that you capture your audience’s attention through your curiosity, remain disciplined, feed your motivation, economize your time, be positive and employ your emotional intelligence to be the best possible salesperson you can be. If you apply these six tactics your solar sales are sure to increase accordingly.

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