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New Solargraf Loan Enhancements


Makes Showing Loans on Your Proposals a Breeze

Being able to offer financing in Solargraf is one of the most powerful parts of any design proposal, allowing installers to walk through various plans with homeowners and find the right option to complete the deal and begin the project. In the past, we know that configuring financial options in Solargraf has had somewhat of a learning curve, but today, we are happy to announce that Solargraf Loan Enhancements have been released, bringing a completely revamped loan setup process and improved integrations with our fintech partners that makes setting up loans in Solargraf easy. With these changes, you’ll be able to configure any type of solar loan in minutes. If you’re partnered with Service Finance or Mosaic, the process is even easier. Thanks to improved API integrations, you can simply import loans with a click of a button with no need to configure financial terms like interest rate and tenor.

Solargraf Loan Enhancements include the following changes:

A brand new, fully integrated partnership with Service Finance

We are happy to announce that we have entered a new partnership with Service Finance to bring an additional way to offer competitive financing in Solargraf. With this new integration, you’ll be able to seamlessly import Service Finance loans and begin showing them on your proposals, with loan terms and monthly payment details automatically populated. When you and the homeowner are ready to proceed with a loan application, the loan application can be filled out directly in Solargraf and in most cases, a credit decision will be provided within minutes after application submission. Ready to get started? Simply fill out the Service Finance form by clicking the “Become a Partner” button in Solargraf.

Already a Service Finance partner? Check out some of these resources:

Enabling the Service Finance Integration
Importing Service Finance Loans

Vast improvements to our existing integration with Mosaic

Mosaic has released a new version of their API and we are pleased to bring this updated functionality to Solargraf. With this enhanced integration, you can now import loans from Mosaic directly, no need to input loan terms or configure different payment periods. After importing these loans, you’ll be able to show them on your proposals and all loan term and monthly payment information will be pulled from Mosaic, matching perfectly with any of Mosaic’s loan calculator tools or terms shown during the application process.

Ready to get started? If you’re already a Mosaic partner, the new functionality should be available in your company settings page. Check out some of these resources to get setup: 

Importing Mosaic Loans
Migrating to Imported Mosaic Loans

A completely new interface for configuring loans

While not quite as easy as the aforementioned integrations, our new loan setup interface makes building out and configuring loans to show on your proposals a straightforward and easy process. With just a few key pieces of information from your lender, such as loan term, interest rate, and dealer fee, you can accurately model your loans in Solargraf and begin showing them on your proposals. A variety of loan types are supported, including loans where monthly payments are constant and loans where the ITC amount is included in the pay-down of the loan. You can also include various types of promotional loan periods that your lender may offer as part of the loan, such as a no payment period or an interest only period. Finally, you can choose to calculate the monthly payments via an interest rate or with a payment factor, typically provided by your lender to ensure accurate monthly payments regardless of the loan amount.

Happy with your current loan setup?

No problem. These changes are all additive, no need to start using them right away. Your current setup will remain unchanged. However, we recommend that you use these new features as you’ll be able to configure loans in a more intuitive way, offering more accurate terms on your proposal. This is especially true if you are a Mosaic or Service Finance partner. As Solargraf is now getting the loan information via an API integration, the terms and monthly payment calculations shown on your proposals will now match the fintech’s loan calculators perfectly, ensuring no surprises during the loan application process.

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