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Elevate your workflow
with advanced software


Discover the all-in-one solution for solar and storage, featuring 3D design and proposal tools.

Design, finance, sign, and begin permitting. Transform your sales cycle in just 10 minutes.

Achieve precision design and speed for solar and storage systems.

Optimized for Production

Our innovative LIDAR-powered tool accurately identifies roof pitch and height. With an advanced shading tool, predict production figures in real-time. Adjust, reposition, and tilt panels for maximum efficiency while refining your estimates.

Diverse image resources at your fingertips

Choose from Nearmap, Google Maps or Bing Maps. Benefit from HD imagery to optimize roof visualization. Incorporate blueprints or drone images for new construction designs.

Data-driven excellence

Strategically address set backs, obstructions and shaded zones using solar irradiance data for precise panel positioning. Automate 3D roof modeling through advanced LIDAR technology.

Simplify your sales cycle

Craft tailored proposals swiftly

Personalize proposals with your company’s branding and color scheme. Enhance proposals with product images and videos, ensuring seamless sales discussions.

Offer flexible financing solutions

Offer your customers direct financing solutions and display multiple financing options on a single screen. Lenders are fully integrated and the entire financing process is automated.

Right-sized storage systems

Tailor storage systems to match customer energy objectives, supporting 10 major manufacturers.

Effortless e-signatures

Expedite contract finalization with electronic signatures through DocuSign.

Customize your team and customer experience

Team access made simple

Manage users and assign role-based permissions for project owners, sales, and accounting.

Customer-centric proposals

Customize proposals and present multiple product and pricing options to your client. Create unlimited projects and showcase up to 3 distinct scenarios per project.

Access premier proposal and permit services

Professional proposals at your fingertips

Elevate your client interactions with Solargraf’s proposal services, delivering personalized proposals while you focus on business growth.

Swift and accurate permit solutions

Obtain accurate and precise solar and storage permit plan sets with Solargraf’s streamlined Permit Services. Internal automation ensures quality, consistency, scalability, and rapid turnaround times in permit plan sets.

What installers are saying

Industry-leading installers are saving time with Solargraf

It’s easy to use without much technical knowledge and you can come up with the proposals quickly. I feel like Solargraf is at the forefront in terms of using software as a tool.





Joseph Marhamati
Co-Founder, Ipsun Solar

Solargraf was just way too easy to pass up. We can now connect with people over 100 miles away and sell over the phone. It’s made it so easy to hire and train salespeople!





Scott Egglefield
President/Owner, Mirasol FAFCO Solar Inc

I was crafting all of the proposals based on a template that I had made, and it was quite cumbersome. When I saw Solargraf, I thought, “Wow! We need that.” Our training program for new advisors is also significantly shorter. I used to spend 2.5 days going through the program I’d set up. Today, if you have the desire, I can put you to work. I do a training program once a week and have them up and running in half a day. That’s a big deal.


Tom Sims
Founder/CEO, QEnergy Online

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