Built to help you grow your solar business 


Solargraf is fast to learn and easy to use. Smart automation gets you from solar design to proposal in 10 minutes.

Simplify the way you sell solar

Design with extra precision

Our new LIDAR-assisted tool detects roof pitch and height. With an accurate shading tool, estimate consumption offset and production numbers in real-time. Rotate, add, delete and tilt panel placement to refine your estimates—all while maximizing roof area.​

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Propose and close on-the-go

Canvas, quote and access all Solargraf features via any device. Add a shortcut to your iPhone or Android home screen in a few taps for quick access, anywhere.

Hi-resolution imagery

Choose from Nearmap or Eagleview imagery or upload and scale your own high-definition blueprints and drone images for new home construction.

Create beautiful and simple proposals

Multi-language and customizable proposals

Proposal templates are available in both English and Spanish. Deliver proposals in your customer’s native language. Customize with your logo, graphic elements and detailed information about your company and services you provide.​​​

Unlimited projects

Create as many jobs as you want all in a single account. Focus on growing your business with no restrictions.

Finalize contracts with DocuSign

DocuSign™ integration with a Spanish-language option makes it easy to e-sign and close business in record time.


Everything you need to close in one sitting

Jump start the permitting process

Send plans to prepare for stamping and begin the permitting process, all within the app.

Financing options with low rates

Import and display multiple loans on one screen. Offer your customers low financing directly in the app.

Virtual site assessment

Gather all the images, measurements, and information you need from the client to apply for permits from the comfort of your office.

See how to work smarter with Solargraf

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