Powerfully simple solar design


Quote solar or storage projects with precision using realistic imagery. 3D modelling makes the sale.

Unrivaled precision and speed

Dial in precise panel placement

Our new LIDAR-assisted tool detects roof pitch and height. With an accurate shading tool, estimate consumption offset and production numbers in real-time. Rotate, add, delete and tilt panel placement to refine your estimates—all while maximizing roof area. ​

Instant shade analysis assisted by LIDAR tool

Exceptional shading analysis delivered via web-based reports, plus side-by-street views. All components are accurately sized and optimized for peak performance in the field.

Hi-resolution imagery

Exceptional shading analysis delivered via web-based reports, plus side-by-side site views utilizing stunning aerial photography. All components are accurately sized and optimized for peak performance in the field.


Solar and storage designs with graphics that impress

Production-accurate 3D design tool handles rooftop solar and battery storage systems like a pro.

Automatic smart panel placement

Use our Auto Fill feature to take control over where the panels are placed. Minimum SAV percentage, a panel offset, or chosen panel spacing settings automatically placie the panels on the roof.

Do-it-yourself capabilities

Want even more control? Select Manual Fill to drag a grid of panels over the roof surfaces you choose while Solargraf’s technology will autodetect any obstructions and flag any areas of concern for you in red.

Get the right fit, every time

Rotate and tilt your panels based on the azimuth and roof pitch. In addition to choosing vertical and horizontal placement, Max-fit now detects optimal layout for maximizing panel number for each side of the roof. You can use Max-fit for the entire roof or auto-detect for a small section of your choice.

Upsell with Solar + Storage

Developed by Enphase engineers for all installers and systems.

Storage solutions for different energy goals

Identify energy goals for homeowner’s and user selector to help size for energy independence, backup power, or time-of-use. Refine the battery size by specifying back-up time needed.​

Easily model battery storage

Our storage tab allows you to precisely find the kWh storage needed for the homeowner’s needs.


Back up anything

Add any appliances your client owns and would like a backup for, such as a pool pump, vacuum cleaner, well pump, air conditioner etc. Solargraf will then recommend a size and the materials that would work best for their specific energy goals.

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