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7 Ways to Keep a Steady Flow of Solar Leads

Posted by Emily Hodgkinson on Oct 26, 2016 2:53:56 PM
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Running a business is a lot of work. As a solar installer, you need to always be in search of solar leads to keep a steady flow of customers to grow your business and bring in revenue. Having continuous leads helps avoid slow periods throughout the year when some people just aren’t thinking about having solar panels installed without a nudge.

The problem is that some methods of generating leads are more labor intensive and more effective than others. You have much better things to do than spending time or worse yet, paying someone else to spend time cold calling to generate a steady flow of solar leads. What you need is some form of lead generator, which is a marketed-related activity that publicizes your solar business and its products and services.

Check out these seven ways to help keep a steady flow of solar leads coming in for your business.

1. Maintaining an Updated Website

Today almost every business has a website. But it’s not just enough to have a website; you have to make it interesting enough to entice visitors to learn more about your services. Remember, content is king! By offering helpful information or interesting articles, you can generate leads by requiring visitors to provide their contact information before being given access to the content. You can then follow up on these leads that have been collected by your website.

2. Take Advantage of Social Media

Everyone and their mother is on social media nowadays, so why then shouldn’t you be promoting your solar business on various social networking sites. Create a social media presence…it’s as easy as making a Facebook page for your business or posting tweets on Twitter. Let it be known that you are on social media…there’s no shame in asking people to follow you on Facebook or Twitter in any printed materials or advertisements that you put out. Here it’s all about networking…once someone is following you, their network can also pick up on you.

Social media is a great way to generate interest in your company and potential solar leads. Just make sure you do not make the mistake that many businesses do once they setup their social media pages; don’t forget about your page. Keep it updated and pay attention to your followers. Once you have gained followers, keep them engaged and respond to their comments and concerns in a timely manner.

3. Go Viral

Many businesses have discovered the value of creating entertaining or informative videos and posting them online. Other than costs that you may incur creating your video, it’s free to upload your video to YouTube. Make sure to embed links to your website in your video for viewers to find out more about your products and services by requesting more information. You can push your video to the masses by utilizing services that will drive traffic to your video based on the market you’re targeting for pennies a click.

4. Make or Purchase Lists

Off-the-bat, you probably have a list of customers that you’ve already done business with. If you have a website that has collected potential leads, you have another list that you can use. Purchasing a list may be a gamble because you’re likely to have more people who perhaps have never given a thought about having solar panels installed than those who are ready to sign on immediately.

Once you have some lists to work with, keep people informed of what your business is up to and/or any specials you may be offering by sending out press releases or email newsletters. Make sure to include a call to action such as “follow our Facebook page,” “call to schedule your free quote” or “mention this coupon when calling.”

5. Utilize an Acquisition Strategy to Expand Your Reach

Perhaps you’re in a position to expand your business and your reach by acquiring other solar dealers. Many businesses use the strategy of acquisition to grow their businesses. By doing so, they now have a whole new group of past customers and new areas in which to generate leads.

6. Automate Your Marketing Efforts

This approach can be far less labor-intensive than the aforementioned methods. There are apps available that allow you to market your business through the use of popup ads targeted to your market. Prospective customers who want to learn more about your products and services can simply enter their contact information. You, in turn, collect this information and generate your solar leads from it.

7. A New Way to Hit the Pavement

Meeting face-to-face is one of the oldest forms of generating leads. In the past, this method may not have always been the most efficient ways to generate leads. Sure, you could hand out a few flyers in the neighborhood where you are doing a solar install, give the homeowner some information and maybe take down info to generate a quote back at the office.

Today, there’s a smarter way to hit the pavement, and in some cases, generate solar leads without having to set foot in a neighborhood. There are apps that can assist you with transforming cold-call encounters into potential solar leads by generating immediate quotes tailored to their home. Instead of the potential lead having to wait for you to get back to them, as is the case with most initial encounters, and possibly losing interest while waiting…you can generate an immediate customized quote. Even better, you can provide a quote to potential solar leads without having to leave your office. Some apps offer a mobile feature where you can pull up any street in a neighborhood, and based on the specifics given for the home; generate immediate quotes for properties that meet your specified qualifications.

Keeping a steady flow of solar leads can be tough if you do not know how to generate leads. A good part of the battle is determining which channels will work best for you, but most importantly, work smarter, not harder.

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