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How to find potential solar customers in 5 easy steps

Posted by Lennie Moreno on Mar 1, 2017 11:48:09 AM
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The solar industry experienced explosive growth during 2016. Installations during the third quarter increased by 99 percent over the previous quarter and represented 191 percent increase over figures from the year before. While part of this growth may have been precipitated by uncertainty regarding the continuation of the solar tax credit, so far there is no sign that 2017 should be any different as more homeowners and business owners embrace solar energy.

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How Will This Affect Your Business?

The expected continued demand for solar installations is a boon for solar installers. Of course, that only is if you are able to round up solar customers who are in need of your services. With competition growing as more solar installers enter the market, you might have to work a little harder to get your business noticed. One of the worst things you can do right now is sit around and wait for customers to find you. And if you do attempt that strategy, you may find yourself losing potential customers to your competitors.


Consider the following five easy steps to finding prospects:

#1. Utilize Cross-Finding to Select Best Prospects

You can generate a stream of potential solar customers by doing a little cross-finding. You would begin by using a map service app to locate good quality homes and then confirm the services they already have based on their addresses. Being your best bets for potential customers are those with south facing homes for maximum results with solar installations, you can select homes that face south. You can avoid competing with other installers using this method. Additionally, you can find ways to contact these customers through cross-checking address services. With tools like Solargraf, you'll be able to find the solar potential by adding panels on the roof and select homes that would most likely be an easier sell.

#2. Streamlining the Quote Process

Time is money, and if it takes you hours to work up a solar quote for a homeowner that may or may not be interested, you are throwing money out the window. Now imagine if you are spending time working up multiple quotes only to wind up not getting a single customer out of the batch. That would be hours of work that is wasted.

With Solargraf, you can generate a quote in less than a minute. This is extremely handy because it doesn’t take a lot of effort or time, and if you need to make changes to the quote, you can do that very quickly. By using the app, you are doing away with hours spent generating quotes. You also cut down on the lag time between meeting with your potential customer and having to go back to the office to generate a quote and then mail or email it. Now you can email the quote instantly.

#3. Pick a Neighborhood and Go Canvass

With the Solargraf app, you can use the mapping function to select a residential area to canvass. As you walk through the neighborhood, you can be generating quotes on the fly before you even make your first contact with a customer. Even if you do not meet with the customer right then and there, you can save the quote to contact the customer at a later date. This feature is also good for when you already have an appointment set and you see other likely prospects in the neighborhood. Being mobile friendly and taking around 1 minute to create a professional proposal, keep producing new quotes because sales is a numbers game!

#4. Go to Home and Renovation Shows

People who go to home and renovation shows are good prospects for becoming potential solar customers. They have paid to get into the show and they are looking for ideas and things they can do to renovate or improve the value of their homes. If you have a booth at one of these shows, you can offer free estimates to anyone who walks by or stops to see what your business offers. You do not need to drag a lot of computer equipment with you because with Solargraf on your tablet or mobile phone, you can provide a quote for people to view within minutes. You can look up their address on the map feature and generate a quote based on the information given. You can then immediately email the quote to the customer within minutes.

#5. Purchase Leads from High Quality Lead Providers

Having a source for high quality leads saves the hassles of having to develop your leads from cold calling. This helps save time because you are eliminating the initial steps of trying to locate potential solar customers and then weeding out prospects that didn’t pan out. Instead, you are dealing with leads that are more likely to want to install a solar system at their home or business. The Solargraf app provides high quality leads and gives you the capability to add your own leads into the system.

Don’t sit idly by waiting for customers to come to you. See how the Solargraf app can help you find potential solar customers for your solar installation business.


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